Welcome To Little Black List

Who We Are ?

Little Black List is a women-led, online business based in Johannesburg South Africa that supplies adult toys and accessories, with delivery throughout the country.  We believe that you need to not only be a cut above the rest, but you need to be unique and sensational in this sensual industry!

With a long history of being in the online e-commerce business our team has all the systems and expertise in place to offer our customers the best possible service!   

Our team leader is OCD when it comes to quality which is why we have maintained a high level of quality for the products that we select for our site.  We supply a number of popular brand names as well as other brands that are not as well known but are fantastic!  

Our website service offering is top notch and we create websites that are professional and classy.  Our design team have extensive experience and a passion for their craft.  Although the concept of creating discreet sites may seem a little odd to some people or perhaps frowned upon, sex is one the oldest trades in the world.  

Everyone needs to make money and if us helping them create a website helps them do it, and classes up the act, then we are all for it!  All our staff have signed non-disclosures and privacy contracts and you can rest assured knowing that your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

We are an ever evolving company with new products and service offerings being loaded regularly.  We strive to be market leaders in this fun industry and hope that you will make us your preferred supplier!

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