Are you on the List?

Like everything in life, people like to belong to part of something bigger.  That even applies to the world of adult toys.  Little Black List has an exclusive membership list that you can only get on by referral or by paying a yearly membership premium.

If you know a friend who has purchased from our site or they have sent you an invitation to join our exclusive list, then you should take the opportunity while you can.  We only have room for 250 x members on our list. and the spots are filling up fast.

If you are not in a circle of friends that has this power then you have a small window of opportunity to sign up for a one year membership on our site. 

Belong to a like minded community that understands that sex is part of life, that is why you are here isn’t it?  Enjoy life and embrace it and save while you are doing it!

Have a friend?

All you have to do is use the voucher code that you received from your friend or ask them to request one from us.

Use that voucher code on your first purchase and you will be be added to our Little Black List of VIP clients.   

You will then receive 5 vouchers to offer to your friends.  For every friend that signs up / purchases from our store, you will receive a R50 voucher code for your next purchase on our site.  

And just like that, Debby is your aunty, or whoever floats your boat!

Get shopping now before you miss out on a limited spot on the list. 


Just remember!  If you do not make use of the benefits of the membership after 6 months, you will lose your spot to another person who understands how awesome it is to be part of this VIP club!

Shy friends?

Not every one is open minded or open about these sort of things, which is why we also welcome a certain number of paid memberships.  We only request that you spread the word by sending our your 5 invitations to friends that you think can handle it, benefit from it or are just down right kinky like you!